Hertfordshire’s Five Gold Rings

North Hertfordshire Homes

North Hertfordshire Homes is a not-for-profit housing association providing quality homes across eight local authority areas in the counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Our housing stock is made up of over 8,800 homes including temporary accommodation for homeless people and sheltered and Flexi-care housing for older people. Many of our homes were bought from North Hertfordshire District Council in 2003 and we have invested £220 million in a continual improvements programme to make sure they meet the government’s Decent Homes Standard. We have also built over 800 affordable homes to date and are continuing to do so.

We have a substantial neighbourhood presence, with neighbourhood offices in each of our five key towns providing local and accessible housing services and forming hubs for our partnership and community development work.

Case study:

Christmas Celebrations at Temple Court.

North Hertfordshire Homes are partnering Hertfordshire’s Five Gold Rings with the following projects.

8 December 2011

North Hertfordshire Homes, Hertfordshire’s Music Service and The Purcell School decided to launch ‘Hertfordshire’s Five Gold Rings’ on Thursday December 8th at Temple Court, in Baldock which is a wonderfully spacious building offering confortable, attractive sheltered accommodation for senior citizens.

You can find a full account of the event here

15 May to 9 July 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger

A unique music/dance collaboration led by the dancer Natasha Hubert, staff and pupils from The Purcell School. Young musicians, dancers and composers from all over Hertfordshire worked with pupils from the Purcell School and dancers from Mid Herts Centre for Music and the Arts. Read about the project here

18 May onwards

The NHH Staff Choir was launched on 18 May, trained by Rufus Frowde, and performed in H5GR events in June/July. The choir's latest performance was at the Robert Humbert House in Letchworth, where they performed with young musicians from the Purcell School as part of 'Christmas Celebrations' on Wednesday December 5th 2012. This has now become one of North Hertfordshire Homes's greatly-enjoyed annual events for residents in Sheltered Schemes throughout the area. The NHH Staff Choir's performance was greatly enjoyed by all those who heard them.

May-July 2012

Between May and October, a series of highly successful music classes for very young children and their parents were run in Letchworth, Hitchin and Chorleywood by Madeleine Bradbury-Rance (singer/cellist) supported by the pianist, Iain Lacks. Everyone had a great time singing, dancing, acting, waving banners, discovering the cello, blowing bubbles ...and doing all sorts of other exciting things as well!

Madeleine has produced some useful suggestions for parents and carers, who want to encourage young children to love music. Click on this link.

Read this newspaper article about Madeleine and her musical project!

May-July 2012

Early Years project supported by North Hertfordshire Homes

“Teacher full of energy. Lovely and varied to hold babies’ interest”
“Class is brilliant, teachers full of energy and involve everyone even babies. Thank you”
“Fun, educational, great music theme”
“Really great fun. Lovely for the babies to get so involved with musical instruments”
“Excellent. Great to attend a music group led by obvious musicians!”
“Very good. Great to have a bit of classical!”
“Very different! I like the intro to musical instruments eg. Cello. Lots of energy. Good songs!”

21 June 2012

Year 10's Tea Party for Senior Citizens

On June 21st 2012, a group of young musicians from Year 10 at the Purcell School travelled to North Herts to perform and entertain people in sheltered schemes. The students had been preparing this event for several weeks, choosing and arranging popular songs from the early part of the 20th century which they felt might be of interest to their audience. They performed in small mixed instrumental/vocal ensembles. During the interval, the young people greatly enjoyed meeting members of the audience, bringing them tea and cakes and chatting with them. It was an excellent event, and much enjoyed by both young and old alike.

Year 10 is very grateful to North Hertfordshire Homes for sponsoring this special event.

26 and 29 June 2012

Elastic Band in North Hertfordshire

The Purcell School's Elastic Band with their conductor Kevin Hathway travelled around the North Hertfordshire villages, giving concerts in unlikely places, and delighting families and shoppers, many of whom would rarely have the opportunity to hear young musicians of such calibre performing.

They played outside the NHH Office in Baldock High Street, outside the Deanscroft Retirement Scheme in Knebworth, next to Morrisons in Letchworth, and in Hitchen's Market Square.

The young musicians enjoyed the experience, and were all enormously grateful to North Hertfordshire Homes for supporting their tour.

For more information about the Elastic Band's tour and to see the photographs please click here.

To book Elastic Band, please contact Kevin Hathway - or phone the Purcell School - 01923 331100

2 July 2012
Purcell School

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The young dancers gave an outstanding first performance of Faster, Higher Stronger at the Purcell School on Monday July 2nd. This was one of the highlights in an exciting Purcell School event called Sound, Image, Movement, where all kinds of multimedia performances take place. The dance project was greatly enjoyed and admired, and Natasha Hubert's choreography to music by young composers was sensitive and expressive. The young dancers also enjoyed listening to some rather off-the-wall creative efforts by Purcell School pupils!

3 July 2012
Broxbourne Civic Hall

IMPULSE Outreach Training - Pre Gala Presentation

Four secondary schools and one primary in Hertfordshire were chosen to participate in a special pilot project for IMPULSE Outreach Training, sponsored by the Housing Associations linked to Hertfordshire’s Five Gold Rings.

The five schools were Goffs School – sponsored by B3Living, Sele School – sponsored by Riversmead Housing Association, Northwood School – sponsored by Thrive Homes, Watford Central Primary School – sponsored by Watford Community Housing Trust and Meridian School – sponsored by North Hertfordshire Homes.

On Tuesday July 3rd, the schools presented their outreach achievements to one another at Broxbourne Civic Hall. Read all about it here

3 July 2012
Broxbourne Civic Hall

Faster, Higher Stronger’s Gala performance

This was a dazzling and highly memorable second performance of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' by the team of young dancers in their beautiful, specially designed costumes. The choreography was enhanced further by the spectacular staging facilities and lighting effects offered by Broxbourne Civic Centre. Many thanks to the BCC Technicians for making the performance look so colourful and exciting.

3 July 2012
Broxbourne Civic Hall

Hertfordshire's Five Gold Rings Gala Performance

Musicians and dancers from all over Hertfordshire, supported by Hertfordshire's Five Gold Rings, the Purcell School and Hertfordshire Music Service performed in a really spectacular, colourful community event on Tuesday July 3rd. Many thanks to Broxbourne Civic Hall for hosting the event, and for providing such an excellent support/technical/front of house team.

Jane Hunt's beautiful programme for the Gala Performance can be viewed HERE and you can see a slideshow of the event HERE

5 to 11 July 2012

The Purcell School's IMPULSE Outreach Tour of Hertfordshire

A lively group of young musicians from the Purcell School, who travelled round Hertfordshire in early July visiting both primary and secondary schools, running creative/performing projects with young people and encouraging them to love music. As well as this, they visited all five schools involved in the pilot programme. IMPULSE also performed in community events and ceremonies leading up to the Olympics, for example the Ware Carnival, Herts of Flame, Whipsnade Zoo and a lot more, too!

Many thanks to Hannah Grayson who organised the tour so carefully, and to Alice Munks who identified some excellent leisuretime activities for the young musicians - including bowling!

9 July 2012
Watford Palace Theatre

Faster, Higher Stronger's Gala performance

DanceDigital took Natasha Hubert’s choreography Faster, Higher, Stronger, as commissioned for Hertfordshire’s Five Gold Rings, to Watford Palace Theatre for Big Dance 2012 Schools’ Jam. They opened the show with a fantastic energy for the rest of the schools and clubs following in this showcase event. The original score, written by composers from Purcell School and local participants, was well received in the Theatre setting.

13 and 14 October 2012

Strings and Things 2012

Strings and Things is a project for string players and composers, offering young people in Hertfordshire an opportunity to rehearse and perform with Purcell School students and others from further afield, and to receive coaching from experienced professional string players and composers.

There were three strands to this project - 1) Mixed ensembles and a string orchestra for more experienced players led by Charles Sewart from the Purcell School. 2) a programme for less experienced players, led by Maureen Parrington from Pro Corda. 3) A project linked to ESTA’s first-ever Young Composers’ Competition, run by ESTA in collaboration with the Purcell School.

See the photographs and read all about the projects HERE

5 December 2012

Christmas Celebrations at Robert Humbert House, Letchworth

Young musicians from the Purcell School's Year 11 group arranged Christmas carols to play and sing with senior citizens at the Robert Humbert House, Letchworth.

'Christmas Celebrations' is now becoming one of North Herts Homes' popular annual events, and it attracts residents from elsewhere in the locality too.

This year, as part of 'Christmas Celebrations', it was also a great pleasure to hear the excellent North Herts Homes Staff Choir, created in 2012 as part of Hertfordshire's Five Gold Rings.

Watch out for the next event in 2013, in which the NHH Staff Choir and the Purcell School are planning to collaborate! This promises to be very exciting and enjoyable indeed!